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Starting An Office Cleaning Business In Today's Economy

A lot of people find it hard to believe that Office Cleaning Businesses can actually make money in today’s economy.

To be factual nobody really likes to clean. It is usually not a fun job to do with one’s time. Some individuals don’t even regularly clean their own houses, sometimes to the extent that they’ll need professional cleaners to come help the before a party, celebration or other related affair.

However, office cleaning business is a lot different from the typical housecleaning. In addition to being able to get competitive rates, you can also specify your work hours so you can work in total solitude without someone monitoring your every move.

In some cases, when cleaning work places or properties, you may discover that cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult. When you consider being self-employed and the potential amount of money you can make, cleaning feels less than a job and more like a paid chore.

Why Office Cleaning Is In Demand In An Economy In A Poor State

To provide a simple answer, employers don’t want their employees to do the cleaning work. This is because most employers don’t want to make any of their employees do the extra job of cleaning the office.

To be candid, can you imagine an office accountant cleaning the bathroom or even changing into dungarees in order to haul out trash cans.

Additionally, companies try to show that a standard cleaning crew comes in after work hours as part of their prestige. This is done to impress their staffs, potential staffs and clients.

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What Is Needed To Start A Cleaning Enterprise

It is surprising that little cash is needed to start office cleaning, usually under $100. It may be hard to believe but read on.

I know of an office cleaning enterprise that began with just a little cash. The owner got cleansers and vacuum from her kitchen and purchased sponges, paper towels, rubber gloves, and trash can liners of different sizes for less than $30.

When asked how she did it without using business cards, she replied, “What most professional offices really care about is bids, not business cards. The bid holds all your data.”

If you want to become a legit office cleaning service, sooner or later, you will need to get a business license and later become bonded. If you do this yourself, it will cost you around $500. The cost will be however much higher if you consult an attorney: around $1000 to $2,000.

If after working for some months (find out the statutes in your state) you have made a consistent amount of profit, you will need to acquire a business license.

Make sure you are bondable as most corporations prefer to work with cleaning personnel that are additionally bonded. This serves as an insurance against any theft or breakage.

Having both will also make you look professional, even if that's the first job you'll be doing in the business.

The things you usually need to get are:

1. Different cleansing products like bleach, window cleaner, and bathroom cleansers.

2. A vacuum cleaner.

3. Sponges, paper towels, and dusting rags.

4, Air freshener spray. I recommend Lysol.

5. Rubber gloves.

6. Trash bags to size various type of containers.

7. A way of keeping record on your online business income and expenses. You can easily do this by using enterprise software programs designed for this. If you however don't have a computer, you can also do it by hand. In terms of taxes, it is necessary you keep good records.

You should note that your expenses, including fuel, are all business write-offs.

As your new enterprise grow and develop, you will need to get more tools.


How To Get Customers

There are various ways you can get customers. The most effective and probably the most costly method of getting offices to clean is by becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce in your locality. Many cleaning enterprises have easily gained clients through their Chamber. It also gives your business more credibility. Generally, local Chamber of Commerce usually cost about $250 for a year membership. However, the price may be higher for bigger city Chambers. A lot of small business owners have become members of the two because local Chambers provides some nice benefits but the members of large-city Chambers are usually much more and this can help you get more exposure. When you are starting out with very little cash, it's okay to have business cards but they are not as necessary as bids because you can use bids for both information and pricing.You should also consider making a website and printing small brochures later. Some new office cleaning enterprises began by just visiting privately-owned companies and workplace complexes, chatting with the boss and leaving behind a business card. You should bear in mind that any business may be dissatisfied with the cleaning crew currently working for them. You may end up at one of such companies at the right time and immediately get the cleaning job or within a few weeks.

Additionally, you can hand out flyers to promote your office cleaning business. You can also advertise online or in the local daily paper.

Some other places you can get office cleaning opportunities are at:

1. Schools

2. Churches

3. Post Offices

4. Dental and medical offices.

In most instances, post offices particularly, it is important you give them a bid. You should search online to see how to submit successful and nicely-done bids.

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